January 1, 2012


“It is also the custom on New Year’s Day to bring a stone or sand into the house. The heaviness of the stone, the number of moss-patches on it, the number of grains in the sand, are all so many guarantees that the crops will be good during the coming year. Thus in the island of Lemnos, when visiting a neighbour or relative on New Year’s Day, one must bring a mossy stone into the house and throw it down saying: “May the purse of the master of the house grow as heavy as this stone.” All stones brought into the house by visiting friends and relations are gathered into a heap and thrown away after eight days. Sometimes the stone is so large that the guest has to carry it on his back; this is considered good luck for the master of the house.”

G. A. Megas, Greek Calendar Customs, Athens 1982, p.46

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