March 19, 2010


Martina Lindqvist, A Thousand Little Suns
Stefania Mizara, Gaza War Days

Yiorgis Yerolymbos, Road Trip: USA

wip, which stands for 'work in progress', is a digital photographic magazine produced by photographer and designer Simos Saltiel out of Salonika. In a field all too often characterised by fussy and over-elaborate design, wip would stand out for its refreshingly simple yet elegant appearance alone, but it also consistently manages to come up with intriguing new imagery from a wide variety of sources, whether in the form of single images or, as has been the tendency with recent issues, a more extensive sampling from ongoing sequences.

wip7, the latest to appear, includes eerie landscapes by Martina Lindqvist, excerpts from Yiorgis  Yerolymbos' personal journey across the USA and Stefania Mizara's Gaza journal, as well as notable work by Natasha Gutermane, Abraham Pavilidis and Vanessa Winship. With "Smacznego!- Bon Appétit", Georgios Makkas reprises Anne Testut's wonderful 1995 "Europe à table" series of European families enjoying meals of widely differing qualities and conditions, but this time restricted to Poland (and including recipes). As was the case with the earlier work, "Smacznego" succeeds perfectly in exploiting photography's indiscriminate capacity for scavenging formally irrelevant yet deeply fascinating detail: in the example below, the eye bounces from the book-shaped landscape painting with its built-in clock (can there really be a total of four time-pieces in this one room?), touches briefly on the sixties wallpaper and Tomasz's magisterial dundreary whiskers before coming to rest, bemused, on a pair of bunny-rabbit slippers peeking coyly from under the table.

We live in this flat since 1974. The neighbours are OK and it is a calm and quiet place with good access to facilities... You can see the school from our balcony. We have a MacDonald's restaurant near us and the cinema is not that far away.

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